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Box and Blunden Families

In each story my direct ancestors are typed in bold when first mentioned

The War and the Home Front
Marie Frances Box 1891-1973 Horace Leopold Hurley 1891-1927 

Leo returned home from the Great War with a terrible secret. Everything changed for Marie from then.

A Drowning in Cundletown
Henry Cecil Blunden 1832-1878 
Elizabeth Ellen Fowles 1834-1914

No luck in the gold rush, Henry returned to his old trade then 

disappeared, freeing Elizabeth to start again.

Brixton Shopkeepers
William Fowles 1805-1858
Mary Ann Gatton 1805-1876

In the 19th century, William and Mary witnessed Brixton evolve from a rural retreat to a thriving suburb.

Preachers, Publicans and Performers
The Chidlaw, Goff and James Families

Welsh pastors, the debtors' prison, a Scottish nobleman and the music hall - where do they fit in this family's story?

Utopian Dreamer
George Henry Blunden 1855-1947

George Blunden was full of optimism and ideals when he set out with his family to establish a 'New Australia' across the Pacific Ocean.

Crafts and Trades
Frances Annie Blunden 1867-1952
Ernest George Henry Box 1868-1913

Ernest and Frances made their living in the crafts and trades, working in the suburbs of Prahran, Windsor and South Yarra.

Missing Person
John Skinner Box 1829-1912
Eliza Chidlaw James 1836-1926

A death at sea brought John and Eliza together. But why did John become a 'missing person'? 

Tough Life of a Tailor
George Blunden 1800-1886
Emblin Curnow 1793-1841

Searching for a better living brought the Blundens from Hampshire to London, but eventually to the workhouse.

'The Musical Wonder'
Sarah Maria Welchman 1839-1890

A child star of the music hall in England, Sarah Maria found a new musical career and marriage in Australia.

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