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Skidmore and Smith Families

In each story my direct ancestors are typed in bold when first mentioned

The Depression, War and Divorce
John (Jack) Skidmore 1905 -1965
Valdis Muriel Rogers 1901- 1975

Despite marriage at 19 and six children to raise, Jack's career and family life were fulfilling. Not so for Valdis.

Trade Unionist and Tiler
John William Skidmore 1878-1934
Mary Amelia Smith 1878-1952

From West Bromwich to Melbourne, life had plenty of challenges for this emigrant family.

Iron, Coal and Beer
Ashton, Smith and Roberts Families of Tipton and West Bromwich

Their work was hard, hot, dirty, smelly, noisy and dangerous, but from here, these families became upwardly mobile.
Bibles, Coal and Canals
Black Country Skidmores 1600 - 1901

Devotees of John Wesley - these non-conformists had fire and brimstone in their blood.

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