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Rogers and Mulcahy Families

In each story my direct ancestors are typed in bold when first mentioned

The Depression, War and Divorce
Valdis Muriel Rogers 1901- 1975
John (Jack) Skidmore 1905-1965

A 'shotgun wedding', followed by six children - Valdis' life wasn't exactly what she planned.

Sports Obsessive
George Vining Rogers 1865-1934
Fanny Caroline Mulcahy 1867-1941

George's tirade about 'Bodyline' may have upset an English cousin. No such indulgences for Fanny - she had nine children to raise.

Master Mariner on the Murray
George Vining Rogers 1832-1910 
Rebecca Jane Fox 1844-1886 

George was determined to emigrate to South Australia. Rebecca had fewer options and a rough start in Adelaide.

Bootmakers of Clunes
John Mulcahy 1824-1913
Sarah Payne  1823-1901

Leaving the slums of Whitechapel was a smart move for John and Sarah Mulcahy.

A Family Disintegrates
John Blyth Rogers 1801-1860
Emma Millicent Cobden 1800-1836

A widower at 35, alcohol and debts meant estrangement from his family, including his four children. 

Agitators for Reform
James Edwin Thorald Rogers 1823-1890
Richard Cobden 1804-1865

Richard and Thorald were progressives in their careers, but these brothers-in-law each suffered a terrible loss.

A Family Reunites
The Children of Emma Cobden and John Blyth Rogers 

English cousins reunite, while two brothers emigrate to Australia, one successful, the other lost on the goldfields.

First Oxford Female Don 
Annie Mary Anne Henley Rogers

Changing the male dominated culture of Oxford University seemed impossible, but Annie Rogers didn't give up.

Workhouse Whistleblower 
Doctor Joseph Rogers 1820-1889

Joseph Rogers dedicated his life to reforming an unjust and dysfunctional workhouse medical system.

The Trials of a Long Life
Mary Ann Blyth 1783-1873 
George Vining Rogers 1777-1846

Married at 15 to an army surgeon, Mary Ann had 16 babies and outlived all but 5 of her children.

Misses Rogers Ladies’ Establishment
Louisa Rogers 1805-1864
Elizabeth Rogers 1813-1865

Running a school in Alton was one of the few options for these educated single women. Creating a 'respectable' reputation was all important.

Mutiny on the Fawn
Alfred Rogers  1818-1851  

What role did racism, religion and rape play in the early tragic deaths of Alfred and his wife Mary Ann?

Conduct Unbecoming
Patrick Heron 1690-c1752
Ann Vining 1692-1733

An elopment and clandestine marriage, smuggled goods and escape to Nova Scotia, the dramas didn't end there.

Apothecary and Surgeon
William Rogers  1743-1820  
Elizabeth Parry 1738-1802

Following an unhappy childhood, 

Elizabeth Parry's marriage to an eccentric surgeon also had its difficulties.

The Botanist of Galloway
Andrew Heron of Bargaly d1740
Mary Grahame c1665-1705

Andrew Heron created the 'Bargaly Paradise'. But there was soon to be much trouble in paradise.

Mayor of Portsmouth
John Vining 1659-1743 
Elizabeth 1663-1709

John and Elizabeth Vining are memorialized in the Portsmouth Cathedral.....why?

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